International students have always been a valuable part of the Australian workforce, with many of them contributing to the country’s economy by working part-time while studying. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian government has made some changes to the regulations surrounding student visas, including allowing student visa holders working in the aged care sector to continue working unlimited hours until 31 December 2023.

This decision was made in recognition of the vital role that aged care workers have played in the fight against COVID-19. The aged care sector has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, with many residents and workers affected by the virus. By allowing international students to work unlimited hours in this sector, the Australian government hopes to provide much-needed support to the aged care workforce and ensure that elderly Australians continue to receive the care they need.

Under the new regulations, international students who are enrolled in a course that leads to a qualification in aged care, disability care or nursing are eligible to work unlimited hours in the aged care sector. This means that they can work full-time hours, unlike other student visa holders who are generally limited to 20 hours of work per week during the academic year.

This is great news for international students who are struggling financially due to the pandemic. With many businesses shutting down or reducing their hours, it has become increasingly difficult for students to find part-time work to support themselves. By allowing them to work full-time in the aged care sector, the Australian government has provided a lifeline to many students who were facing financial hardship.

Moreover, this move will also benefit the aged care sector, which has been facing a shortage of workers in recent years. Many Australians are reluctant to work in aged care due to the physical and emotional demands of the job, as well as the relatively low pay. By allowing international students to work unlimited hours, the government hopes to attract more people to the sector and provide the care that elderly Australians need.

Of course, there are some concerns about this new policy. Some critics argue that it could lead to exploitation of international students, who may be forced to work long hours for low pay. However, the government has put in place safeguards to ensure that international students are not exploited. For example, employers are required to pay international students the same rate as Australian workers for the same work. Additionally, the government has set up a hotline where students can report any instances of exploitation or abuse.

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Overall, the decision to allow student visa holders to work unlimited hours in the aged care sector until 31 December 2023 is a positive step that will benefit both international students and the aged care sector. It will provide financial relief to students who are struggling to make ends meet and ensure that elderly Australians continue to receive the care they need. At the same time, it will also help to address the workforce shortages that have plagued the aged care sector in recent years. However, it is important that the government continues to monitor the situation to ensure that international students are not exploited and that the aged care sector is adequately staffed. With the help of reputable immigration consultants such as Bansal Immigration Consultants Melbourne.