Waiver Request

‘No Further Stay’ It is a condition that prevents the visa holder from applying for many temporary and permanent visas while they are in Australia Condition 8503 is a mandatory condition on the following visas:

If the visa is subject to condition 8503, you cannot apply for a further visa in Australia, other than a Protection visa (subclass 866). Visa Check Check in your grant letter if there is “No Further Stay” Condition attached to your visa Waiver Request If in case an important change (uncontrollable change) in your situation take place you can request to waive the ‘No Further Stay’ Condition. Below are the examples of Major changes which satisfy these criteria

These changes are major but not considered as reasons for waiver: Note: The Reason that you didn’t know that the condition was attached to your visa is not a reason for a waiver.

To request a waiver

It is advised to submit your waiver request before your current visa ceases. It requires each visa holder is required to submit an individual request.

Processing time for a waiver

No Further Stay condition if waived If the No Further Stay condition is waived, you can apply for another visa without having to leave Australia.

Granting of another visa is not assured, as this depends on whether you meet the legal requirements for that visa.

No Further Stay condition if not waived

If the No Further Stay condition is not waived, you will not be able to apply for another substantive visa (except limited specified visas) Decision to approve or refuse a waiver is final. The decision can’t be reviewed by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal