Training Visa

If you need a professional Job in well known companies, you need to develop skills or abilities to improve your statistics of academic or professional career experience. Do you want this?

Do you want to increase your practical talent in your existing employment?

Then checkout for Australia! Apply for the Training Visa (Subclass 407) to take a chance to be skilled enough and workplace ready!

How Does a Training Visa Help?

A training visa allows you to visit Australia for some duration and join in occupational training or professional development.

Benefits Of The Training Visa 407

The training visa allows you to: Eligibility Criteria for Visa Applicants, Sponsors & Nominators To be eligible for this visa, applicants must: Those sponsoring someone on a 407 visa must: To nominate someone on a 407 visa :

You must be an approved temporary activity sponsor or You have applied to become an approved temporary activity sponsor. The nomination will not be considered unless the sponsorship is approved.

Suppose you applied and got the approval of becoming an approved training and research or professional development sponsor before 19th November 2016. In that case, you can use this approval to nominate an applicant on a Training visa (subclass 407) until 18th May 2017 or when the sponsorship is valid.

Family Members to Include in the Visa Application You can include the following family members in your visa application: Partner (Married or de facto) Financial Requirements

You must provide evidence of your financial capacity to support yourself and accompanying family members for the duration of your stay in Australia.

You and all the dependent family members are required to:Undergo medical examinations within 12 months of lodging a visa application Obtain police clearance from each country (you and family members) have lived in for 12 months or more in the past ten years Health Insurance You and dependent family members must be covered by Australia’s national health scheme (Medicare) unless your country has a reciprocal health agreement in Australia. The health insurer can either be in Australia or your home.

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