Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa

This temporary visa is issued to the parents who intend to migrate to Australia for 3 to 5 years to join their children who are Australian permanent residents, citizens of Australia, or citizens (eligible) of New Zealand. Book an appointment with us for help.

Purpose Subclass 870 Visa Solves: – if you own this visa, you

Requirements for this Visa: –

You need to

Stay Duration: – End of Visa Limit: – Stay Extension: – Visa Label: –

Visa will be digitally linked to your passport.

Family: –

Family members cannot be included in this visa application. The sponsor for subclass 870 visa One needs an eligible Parent sponsor to apply for this visa.

Role of the Sponsor: –

Being a Sponsor, you must help your family members to help stay or settle in Australia. You need to provide them with financial and moral support along with sufficient space to live (for the first two years).

Apply for this Visa in Australia: – Times for Processing: –

Steps Involved: –

Step 1. Before Applying: –

just check

Step 2. Gather all Evidence:

You need to provide all necessary documents for further proceedings.

Step 3. Visa Application: –

Process your application online for this visa.

Step 4. After Applying: –

we will inform you after receiving your application and documents.

Step 5. The outcome of Visa: –

You may be offshore or onshore (except in immigration clearance) at the time of decision on your application.

Balance-of-family test: –

There is no Balance-of-family test required for this visa, unlike Permanent parent visas.

Cost: –

It costs from

Duration Cost
Up to 3 years AUD 5,000 for a visa
Up to 5 years AUD 10,000 for a visa

Payment for this visa is in 2 instalments.

Temporary Parent Visa Sponsorship application fee for a sponsored AUD 420

Visa application fee for an Applicant onshore or offshore Australia VISA YEARS BASED APPLICATION COST SECOND INSTALLMENT OFFLINE APPLICATION CHARGES ADDITIONAL APPLICANT 18 OR ABOVE ADDITIONAL APPLICANT 18 OR ABOVE Sponsored Parent Visa (Temporary) (Subclass 870) Up to 3 years AUD 1000 AUD 4000 Not Applicable Sponsored Parent Visa (Temporary) (Subclass 870) Up to 5 years AUD 1000 AUD 9000 Not Applicable Not Applicable

Conditions for Subclass 870 Visa Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa.

Visa conditions for this visa are currently unavailable. The following condition(s) might be attached to this visa: