Professional Year Program

Why is PY Australia?

Job Preparedness or the professional year is a program framed for career development and intended to enhance a student’s ability. A professional year in Australia means that you would work in a professional environment to develop your skills as a whole. The key intention behind this program is to obtain employment in a student’s chosen discipline by applying technical skills and knowledge in the Australian workplace and culture. Basically, it teaches participants to communicate effectively in an Australian workplace environment. It incorporates an internship to familiarize the participants with all aspects of work practices and it handles the intricacies that would be in the applicant’s nominated skilled occupation or closely related occupation.If you have a question about how to get a professional year in Australia. Browse our website to read more about a professional year.

Eligibility criteria for professional year-

To qualify for the Professional Year program in Australia, you must have studied in the island continent only. In addition, you need to satisfy each of the requirements below.

Study & qualifications

The candidate must have graduated from a course that aptly matches the Professional Year program for which he/she has applied. The applicant must have completed a Higher Education program in Australia, in a course that provides two years credit points over a minimum of 18 months.


The candidate must hold or should have applied for the subclass 485 Temporary Residence visa. They can be on a Bridging visa or Student visa but they need to provide evidence for the same. The 485 visa holders must have a valid visa for the duration of the Professional Year program.

Skill Assessment

The candidate must have a successful skill assessment (for instance – ACS, EEA, CPA, IPA, and ICAA).

Language proficiency

The candidate must have a minimum overall IELTS test score of 6.0 and not less than 6 in each band to be eligible for a professional year.

Fees Of The PY Program In Australia

The professional year in Australia fees varies from AUD 7,000 to AUD 15,500.

How to apply for a professional year in Australia-

If you have a question about how to get a professional year in Australia, then the below mentioned application process:
Step 1: Find the right program which you think suits your interests and career choices.
Step 2: Check your eligibility according to your course and the program you choose.
Step 3:Gather the following necessary documents
Step 4: Understand the fees you need to pay for the program since they might vary and are updated regularly
Step 5: Apply through the Online Form where you will be able to save your work and come back to complete the form within 48 hours.

What is the duration of the professional year program?

The duration of this program is 44 weeks, which incorporates a 12-week internship placement in a relevant host company. Coursework is farmed in comprehensive 32-week Business Communication skills and Australian Workplace skills training. This is followed by a 12-week Australian workplace internship in the participant’s chosen discipline.

What are the benefits of a professional year program?

The professional year in Australia uncomplicated program is a course with the following benefits:

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