Partner Provisional Visa

This Partner Visa permits the de facto Partner or Spouse of an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand to dwell in Australia Temporarily. But, obtaining this visa initiates the process of proceeding towards the Permanent Partner visa (Subclass 801).

Conditions for Partner Visa (Temporary) (Subclass 820)There are no conditions attached to partner visa (Subclass 820).

This visa permits you: – Eligibility Criteria: – Cost:-

Paid at the time of combined application for the temporary and permanent partner visa.

Visa Subclass Fee Additional Applicant Fee (Child)
Main Applicant Under 18 Over 18
Subclass 820/801 visa AUD7,715 AUD7,715 AUD3,860
(Subclass 300) Prospective Marriage visa holders AUD 1,285
Held a Prospective Marriage visa but didn’t apply for (Subclass 820 and 801) before its expiry AUD1,630
Dependent child visa holders (Subclass 445) NIL
Other Expenses include: – Police certificates.
Character checks.
Medical examination fee.

Processing Period: – 23 to 27 months.

Stay time: –

Family: – Applicant can include his/her dependent child while applying for combined visas.

A place to Apply From: –

While applying and also at the time of deciding the application, the applicant

And other family members applying or dependent child must be onshore, but not in

Immigration clearance.

Health Insurance: –

It depends on the situation, whether you are eligible to enrol in Medicare, Australia’s Public health care system.

If not eligible then it is recommended that you take health insurance to cover any unforeseen treatment that you might need to take in Australia, or else, it will be personal liability for all of your healthcare costs.

Travel: – Applicant can travel inside or outside Australia as many times as one wishes.

Bridging visa: – While your 820 visa is under process, you will be granted a bridging visa

You will be permitted to enrol in Course of study and in Medicare.

Marriage: – You and your partner

De facto relationship: –

Immigration will take into consideration the following criteria of your relationship: –

Step 1. Before Applying: – just check.

Your Passport

Step 2. Gather all Evidence: –


Step3. Visa Application: –

Visa is applied online, by providing correct and relevant information.

Step 4. After Applying: –

We will inform you after receiving your application and documents.

Step5. The outcome of Visa: – While deciding on your Permanent Partner Visa, you can be onshore or offshore.

Visa label: – Your visa will be digitally linked to your passport

While you have this visa:- Conditions for Partner Visa (Temporary) (Subclass 820)

There are no conditions attached to partner visa (Subclass 820)