Parent Visa(Subclass 103)

This is a permanent visa for parents to migrate to Australia to join their children those who are either Australian permanent residents, citizens of Australia, or citizens (eligible) of New Zealand. You can apply for Parent Visa Subclass 103 to settle with your child permanently in Australia if he or she is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. Visit here to learn more about the pathways.

Powers of Subclass 103 Visa: –

This visa enables

Requirements for this Visa: –

Steps Involved: –

Step Named as Procedure followed
1. Enquire Eligibility for this visa.
2. Request The visa and first instalment need to be paid for by you.
3. Evaluate Your application will be evaluated by us and will be placed in a line.
4. Hold For a position of availability.
5. Evaluate A Second-time assessment will be done by us.
6. Payment Of the second instalment by you.
Visa Approval:

The sponsor for Parent Visa Subclass103: –

Role of the Sponsor: –

Being a Sponsor, you must help your family members to help stay or settle in Australia. You need to provide them with financial and moral support along with sufficient space to live (for the first two years).

Balance-of-family test: –

This test indicates that applicants must have at least half of their children living there in Australia on a permanent visa or more of their children live on Permanent residence in Australia than any other country.

Note: –

To be granted this visa, the above test must be fulfilled. It cannot be waived off even if the circumstances are compelling or unusual.