1. For the 2023–24 permanent Migration Program, the Government will return the planning level to the longer-term level of 190,000 places and will allocate 137,100 places (around 70 percent) to the Skill stream.

2. VACs will increase by 6 percentage points for visa applications, as well as an additional 15 percentage points for select visitor and temporary visa subclasses and an additional 40 percentage points for business innovation and investment visas.

3. The select visitor and temporary visa subclasses include visitor, working holiday, work and holiday, training, temporary activity, and temporary work (short stay specialist).

4. The Government will introduce an improved delivery model for the Adult Migrant English Program from 1 January 2025 within existing funding, to improve English language, employment, and settlement outcomes for migrants by providing flexible tuition options, introducing a national curriculum, supporting professional development for teachers, and enhancing client support and performance management.

5. From July 1, student visa holders will be again restricted to working a maximum of 48 hours per fortnight, after the cap on working hours was lifted during the pandemic. (Students working in aged care will be exempt from the restrictions, but only until the end of the year).

Various changes to Australia’s migration and visa policies for 2023-24. The government plans to increase the planning level to 190,000 places, with a focus on the Skill stream. Visa application charges will also increase for select visa subclasses, while student visa holders will face a maximum of 48 working hours per fortnight. Additionally, the government plans to introduce an improved delivery model for the Adult Migrant English Program in 2025.


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