Global Talent Employer Sponsored

Visas for Innovation” is the term being used by Australian Immigration Authorities to attract the best and brightest minds to Australia by offering them the permanent residency in shortest duration if successful. “Visas for Innovation” is divided into three categories

Global Talent Employer Sponsored (GTES)

This program Enables employers to sponsor overseas employees if the position cannot be filled by an Australian Employee or through Short-term stream and Medium-term stream of the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa

Businesses needs to prove that they cannot sponsor their employee by any other visas.

The GTES program is used to employ highly skilled workers who can act as a “Job Multipliers”. For example, the sponsored employee must create jobs for Australians or must transfer skills and knowledge to Australian workers.

GTES Key Features:

Approved businesses must meet specific criteria and requirements to be considered for the GTES.

Various Streams in GTES:

Established Business stream

In this stream, employers can employ up to 20 highly skilled personnel who can make their respective Australian businesses and their employees as best at what they do. Businesses must have an annual turnover of over 4million Dollars in the last two years. Other key features include:

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Employer Requirements Applicant requirements:

GTES Application Process for Standard Businesses:

Processing Time for GTES Standard Business stream:

Startup stream

This stream is suitable for Australian Start Up Businesses (operating in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields) who wish to employ highly skilled workers by sponsoring them and demonstrate that they can increase job opportunities for Australians. Under this stream, each start up business can employ up to 5 personnel. Other key features include:

Before sponsoring, Australian Start-up Businesses must be endorsed with independent GTES start-up advisory panel

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Employer Requirements: Applicant Requirements:

GTES Application Process for Start Up Businesses:

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