Skill Assessment

This skill assessment helps the engineers to have their educational qualifications and work assessed including for migration purposes.

You need to apply online for a Migration Skills Assessment, choosing the pathway relevant to your membership eligibility.

Relevant assessment fees will apply if you require additional services (such as assessment of Skilled Employment and/or PhD comparability, etc)


The Engineering Occupation and Category of the Migration Skills Assessment outcome may be different from the Stage 1 assessment outcome.

Before you apply

Following are the steps needed to assess your engineering qualification for the purposes of migration

English test results which should be provided as part of skills assessment

The three test results which are currently acceptable are IELTS, TOEFL iBT® and PTE ACADEMIC

Please note:

TOEFL, PBT and Cambridge English tests are currently not accepted.

Accepted scores for English competency test

The minimum required scores for each module are indicated below

Listening 6 12 50
Reading 6 13 50
Writing 6 21 50
Speaking 6 18 50

Engineers Australia on a case by case basis, accept multiple test results, provided that all the tests results are valid at the time of submission of the application, and the required score is reached for each module at least once.

Validity of English test result

On the day of receiving of application, your English test result needs to be no more than two years old.

Limited engineering experience

Have different spellings of your names on different documents?

In case of such discrepancies you need to provide official name change documents, which may include:


A Statutory Declaration or Affidavit will not be accepted as an official name change document.

Generally, Engineers Australia will consider the name appearing on the passport as your official name.

Lodging your Application

Creating of an EA ID on your behalf by a migration agent

If you already have a CID number or a membership number. Should you apply for a new EA ID number?

No, you should use your existing ID number with Engineers Australia and only apply for a password.

Adding additional services (e.g. Work Experience assessment or a PhD assessment) to an already initiated or lodged application Note:

Applicant cannot add additional services to a submitted application.

Adding documents to my application after having submitted and paid for it.

After the submission of the application, you will not be able to add documents.

Cancelling my application and getting a refund

Attaching certified copies to an online application

No, only high-resolution colour scans of original documents are accepted for online applications.

Do I have to upload all my documents at once?

Documents for an online application

During your Assessment

The outcome of online application. Adding additional services (lodge a Secondary Application) to an already successful application Not happy with the outcome of the assessment? Not happy with the outcome of the review?