Course Change in Australia

"Can I change my course in Australia?" well the answer is certainly yes, but let us tell you, you are not the only one. There comes a time in our lives where we all become skeptical about one thing or the other. Having second thoughts about your studies or being unhappy at your university which you chose with so many expectations is pretty normal. You might be considering changing or leaving your course. This guide will help you, understand the options that are available for you. BANSAL Immigration Consultants offers the much-needed assistance as to how to convince the authorities about your true intention to change course in Australia

Why are you considering changing or leaving your course?

Before deciding upon anything, you should always try to identify the problem and try to solve it. Following are some issues faced by the students:

Your next step should be to take advice and clarify the different paths open to you. Following this, you can weigh up the pros and cons and choose the course of action that you think will suit you best.

Who can help you change or leave your course in Australia?

Usually, the authorities around you can help you with any doubt you have. You can consider meeting the following people/bodies:

How to change course in Australia?

We wonder that can international students change courses in Australia. The process of the course change/transfer is a comprehensive one, have a look below:

You also need to consider visiting the Department of Home Affairs, Australia as there will be changes in your visa. In order to remain updated and abiding by the law, do visit the department or contact immigration consultancies like BANSAL Immigration Consultants.

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