Contributory Parent Visa

The children can easily sponsor their parents to settle in Australia. This process is assisted by our visa experts who have knowledge in roots and years of experience.

Purpose of this visa:- This Permanent visa allows a Parent of Australian settled citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or New Zealand citizen is eligible to migrate to Australia.

Benefits of this Visa: – An Individual can Family: –

If applying for this visa as a retiree, applicant

Eligibility Criteria: –

To be able to apply for settling in Australia you must

Who can sponsor for subclass 143 visa?

Sponsor: – You need to have an eligible Sponsor.

As it is a visa based on sponsorship,

Community organizations are also allowed to sponsor your application by the Government to give that:

The condition of financial stability is a must for the organization. You don’t need a sponsor, if applying as a retiree.

Place to apply from: – Assurance of Support: – Not be eligible: – Price: –

Contributory Visa (Permanent Visa), named so, as the starting fee for applying is

First Installment $4,155 $2,075 $1,040
Second Installment $43,600 $43,600 $43,600
Stay: – Permanent

This being a permanent visa lets you stay in Australia indefinitely from a grant of visa.

Processing Time: –

Visa Label: – Your visa will be digitally linked to your passport so you won’t get label in your passport.

Evaluation: –Evaluation of application is done in 2 steps.

Steps Involved (in Applying): –

Step 1. Before Applying check your passport.

Step 2.Gather all Evidences: –

You need to provide all necessary documents, including those of dependents or partner who might be applied with you, for the further proceedings. Arrange documents of your sponsor, too.

Step3. Visa Application: – Step 4. After Applying: –

Step5. Outcome of Visa: – While deciding of application, you must be offshore, unless you have or had a Contributory Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 173) Visa or substituted visitor visa (Subclass600) before filing your application.

Apply for a Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary)(Subclass 143) visa:- Family: – Obtaining the visa (In Australia): – You must Before Leaving Australia: – Conditions for Contributory Parent Visa (Permanent) (Subclass 143) Visa.