Carer Visa Onshore

Purpose of this visa: –

This Authorized visa by Australian Government permits an individual to migrate to the nation to provide care to their relatives or a member of the family who requires support due to long-term or permanent medical condition and has nobody to take care of them in Australia.

Benefits of this Visa: – An Individual can

Dependent child: – My Eligibility Criteria: –

Steps Involved (in Applying): –

Step 1. Before Applying: –

Just check your passport

Arrange for Bupa medical certificate.: – Your relative or sponsor must have Bupa medical certificate indicating that he/she has a medical condition which requires care.

Step 2.Gather all Evidences: – Dependents above 18 must be: – Step3. Visa Application: – Step 4. After Applying: – Step 5. Outcome of Visa: –

While deciding of application, you must be offshore.

Processing Time: – Evaluation: –

Evaluation of application is done in 2 steps.

Not be eligible: – Cost: – From AUD$1,795

Visa label: – Your visa will be digitally linked to your passport so you would not get label in your passport.

Obtaining the visa (In Australia): –

You must

Travelling: – Applicant can travel from and to Australia as many times as he/she wants for 5 years from the grant of this visa. In case you want to travel after the initial 5 year’s travel facility.

Before Leaving Australia: – Conditions for Carer Visa (Subclass 836)

There are no conditions attached to Carer visa (Subclass 836)