Aged Dependent Relative Visa

This visa allows an aged person who depends on a relative living in Australia for the cost of living, migrate to Australia permanently.

A temporary visa, Dependent Child visa (subclass 445) is for a child whose parent holds a temporary partner visa that does not include the child. If this visa is granted, the child also needs to make a permanent partner visa application before the parent’s permanent partner visa is decided. If an applicant gets this child visa subclass 445, it allows the child to travel to and from or stay in Australia. The successful candidate under this visa procedure will be entitled to live in Australia until the Department of Home Affairs decides on the parent’s permanent partner visa application.

Benefits of this Visa: –

An Individual can

This being a permanent visa lets you stay in Australia indefinitely from a grant of visa.

Eligibility Criteria: –

If the applicant or any family member of the applicant owes any debt to the Australian

Government, it must be paid back or at least have formal arrangements to pay it back.

Not be eligible: –

Steps Involved (in Applying): –

Step 1. Before Applying: –

Check your Passport.

Step 2. Gather all Evidence: – Another option is to show: –

Include documents: –

Dependents above 18 must be: –

Include bank statements, rent receipts record, money transfers.

Step3. Visa Application: – Step 4. After Applying: – Step5. Outcome of Visa: – While deciding of application, you must be offshore. Cost: – From AUD6,415 Processing Time: – Evaluation: –

Evaluation of application is done in 2 steps.

The first step is to check the eligibility to add the application and line or to refuse it.

The second step involves the continued testing of the application when the place becomes available and deciding on it.

Visa label: – Your visa will be digitally linked to your passport so you won’t get a label in your passport.

Obtaining the visa (In Australia): – Travelling: –

Applicant can travel from and to Australia as many times as he/she wants for 5 years from the grant of this visa. In case you want to travel after the initial 5 year’s travel facility.

Before Leaving Australia: – Conditions for Aged Dependent Relative Visa (Subclass 114)