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Indian Migration Agent Collins Street, Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

At BANSAL Immigration, we help our clients with all kind of general skilled migration visas. We can help make your dreams of settling in Australia come true. Our team of passionate professionals can assist you in choosing the right option.

  1. Initial assessment and guidance: All our clients are taken through an initial face to face consultation and assessment to help us identify the best possible visa option for them. Consultations can be held via video conferencing for overseas/interstate clients.
  2. After the consultation a Registered Migration Agent (MARA agent) will discuss:
  • The best possible visa option
  • Issues that are to be addressed
  • Associated cost
  • Approximate time-frame
  • Action plan
  • Other options
  1. Taking Action: Once the preferred option has been chosen, we, then, commence with the application covering all the minute details to ensure the best possible outcome. We, also, ensure that the application has been discussed with the client before the lodgement, and all the necessary documents have been attested by one of our registered MARA Agent.
  2. We understand, how important this visa is for our clients and their family members, for some, their family’s future depends on this visa. Hence, we responsibly notify our clients of each and every milestone of their journey of obtaining a visa.
  3. At BANSAL Immigration, we endeavour our best to submit all the associated documents prior to the lodgement, unless it isn’t required or isn’t possible in some cases, which streamlines as well as expedites the application process. In other words, it means, our much valued clients can obtain their applied visa in the shortest possible time frame.


Whether you stay with us for one week or one year, we will make sure you have the time of your life.


Visa Services

It aims to make the visa process simpler and without paper., we have made it simplified and understandable.



We can assist you to lodge the application, prepare the submission addressing the refusal grounds.