At the moment occupations that on PMSOL. Which includes Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer. Doctors and Nurses, Medical Lab scientist.


You must have lived and worked in Victoria for at least the past 6 months.  You will be required to provide evidence of your residency with your application form.  For example, you may wish to provide:

  • a current bill
  • a bill or documentation evidencing your residency from 6 months ago

Employment and occupation

You must be currently employed in Victoria and working in a highly skilled occupation in health or medical research which supports Victoria’s economic recovery and health response, for at least the past 6 months.  Your occupation must also be on one of the Department of Home Affairs’ eligible lists for nomination.

You will need to provide evidence of this work experience by providing:

  • a signed copy of your current employment contract
  • your most recent payslip
  • evidence of superannuation
  • your current position description
  • your current employer’s details (including telephone number)

We have a client, who is Working as Mechanical Engineer, and he is working for a Medical related factory. So we are in the process of lodging his ROI and hoping that it will approve. The ROI are closing on 21 September 5:00 PM.

Another one working as Network Administrator, working for Hospital, and we are in the process of preparing the application.

We are telling that all these occupations could have a chance.

Process of ROI. : first step is lodge EOI, for that you must have

  1. Minimum 6 Each in English or equivalent
  2. Skill assessment in the nominated occupation
  3. Minimum 50 points for 491 or 60 for 190.

Then next step is to apply for ROI. You must be living and working in VIC for last 6 months. So, if you are not, then you are not eligible.

In ROI, you need to mention your role and responsibilities,

Information about company, what does your company does

Statement on how your role is assisting the govt in their response to COVID 19.  

We are applying for EN, who is working as a Nurse in a regional aged care, So we believe he has a chance.

Once you got ROI approved, then you apply for nomination.

After nomination approval, you can apply for visa.

ACT recent update:

Recent result: Act has invited 12 people (6 491 and 6 190) on 457/482 visa

Others got 140 invitations (190 76 and 491 64)

Occupations are: Teachers, GP, Busines analysts, RN, Computer Network professionals, Social workers, Software Engineers, Civil Engineers