What is the income requirement of the Parent Visa of Australia?

Immigrants whose taxable income is $83,454.80 will only be eligible to sponsor their parents for the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa of Australia.

The amount was specified in a new legislative document by the Immigration Minister, David Coleman.

Australia has started accepting Sponsorship applications for the new Parent Visa from 17thApril. Once the sponsorship application is approved, the parents of the migrant can submit an application for the Parent Visa.

Australia will start accepting Parent Visa applications from 1st July 2019.

The Subclass 870 (Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa) allows parents and grandparents to live in Australia continuously for up to 5 years. They will also be able to renew their Visa for another 5-year term. Thus, this Visa will allow them to reunite with their families and live in Australia for up to 10 years.

However, the income requirement for the second 5-year term has not been clarified as yet.

The application fee for a 3-year Parent Visa is $5,000. The sponsorship fee for the same is $420. The income requisite of $83,454.80 can also be joint family income, 

However, many migrants in Australia are displeased by the new income requirement. They believe that the new Parent Visa already comes with many attached conditions. These conditions are far more stringent than a normal Visitor Visa. Also, it is mandatory to purchase health insurance to apply for this Visa. With the high price of this Parent Visa, many migrants feel that this Visa is discriminatory.

However, David Coleman has stood in defence of the new Parent Visa calling its price “reasonable”.

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