Immigration intake falls to lowest in decade:Australia


Australia recruited 160,000 permanent migrants last year, the lowest in a decade. Industry leaders had warned the government. Regarding the imminent labor crisis that could severely affect many infrastructure projects in the pipeline.

The Immigration Minister, Mr David Coleman, addressed these concerns, saying that it was important to fill the employment gap across Australia. It is running the (GTIP) Global Talent Independent Program with 5,000 visa locations. The event aims to attract Australia’s best and brightest overseas workers.

Australia has imposed an yearly cap of 160,000 on permanent migration for the next four years. Of these, 23,000 visa locations will go to the Regional Visa Scheme.

Due to the cap, Australia expects a further decline in the number of permanent immigrants over the coming four years. Permanent immigrants hit 190,000 during 2012–13 & 2013–14 while the number stood above 183,000 between 2011–12 and 2016–17.

The breakdown of the same:

Skilled-Stream 2017-18 2018-19 Change 
Employer-sponsored 35,528 42,012 6484 
General-Skilled-Migration 68,111 60,240 -7871 
Distinguished-Talent 200 200 
Business-innovation & investment 7260 7261 
Skilled-Total 111,099 109,713 -1386 
Couple/Partner39,799 39,918 119 
Parent 7,371 6805 -566 
Other-family 562 524 -38 
Family-total 47,732 47,247 -485 
Kids3350 3,248 -102 
Special-eligibility 236 115 -121 
Grand-Total 162,417 160,323 -2094 

Australia’s population plan aims to close major cities. At the same time, the plan aimed at helping develop regional locations and small towns.Said by Mr Coleman .

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