How convenient is the scheme for students?

scheme for students
scheme for students

In Australia, people associated with the job and education sectors have expressed happiness over the students getting an additional year. Zahira Ismail, managing director of an immigration service company called Home of Visas in Perth, said, “Giving graduates an additional year suggests that policymakers are understanding students’ problems. In most jobs, at least three years of experience is sought, while according to the current visa rules, students get a visa of 2 years after studying here.

He also suggested international students to explore employment opportunities in every field.

Many students are willing to stay and work long hours in the host country. In this regard, Cyrus Mistry, director of EasyMigrate Consultancy Services told TOI, our associate newspaper, ‘The new regional visa will be attractive to international students. There is an option to take permanent residency after three years. For students who want to settle there after studying, this will be a very attractive option.

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