How can your parents migrate to Australia?


If you are an Australian citizen or a Permanent Resident, you may be able to sponsor your parents to migrate to Australia.

Read on to know more.

Who can apply for the Parents Visa?

Parent Visa subclasses have two sub-categories- contributory and non-contributory.

Non-contributory Parent Visas are lower on the priority list of Visas of the Australian Govt. The Dept. of Home Affairs, based on its present planning levels, advises a wait time of up to 30 years for the non-contributory visa.

Due to it long waiting times, most people are opting for the expensive contributory visa route, as per The Guardian.

There are two subclasses under the Contributory Parent Visa:

  1. Subclass 143 Permanent Visa or the Subclass 173 Temporary Visa is available to parents irrespective of their age
  2. Subclass 884 Temporary Visa and Subclass 864 Permanent Visa is exclusively for parents who have reached pension age.

You may stagger the cost of the Visa by applying for the Temporary Visa first and then transitioning to the Permanent Visa after 2 years.

How can you qualify for a Parent Visa?

To be granted a Parent Visa for Australia, you must have at least one child who is an Australian citizen or PR, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Most importantly, you would need to meet the “Balance of Family” test. This means that more of your children or at least half of your children live in Australia. One of your children in Australia would need to be the sponsor for your Visa.

For the permanent Visas, you would also need to get an Assurance of Support. This is a legal commitment by the sponsor to provide financial support to the applicant in order to avoid reliance on social welfare payments.

You would also need to meet the health and character requirements of Australia.

 How do you apply for a Parent Visa?

An application for a Parent Visa needs to be made by both the sponsor and the applicant. The sponsor would need to lodge a financial bond or the Assurance of Support with Centrelink, for the application to be approved. The earning of the sponsor and the amount of the bond would vary depending on the subclass of Visa applied. It will also highly depend on the family composition of both the sponsor and the applicant.

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