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Ozford College, in the stronghold of Melbourne, is a senior secondary high school authorized by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority. They are a member of the Independent Schools of Victoria and their High School curriculum for Australian and international students starts at Year 10 and leads to either the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) to. They are an innovator school offering their students the best presumable opportunities to maximise their believable and excel academically. Success is their goal and a student’s success is Ozford’s success.


Delivery Options


This training provider resolution courses in the following delivery modes:


Face to face training


In person training administered at the RTO’s site. Also known as ‘in-class’ and ‘on-campus’, ‘traditional face-to-face’, ‘on-RTO-site’ delivery.


Offsite training


The RTO can communicate in-person training using accessories at-or-near a client’s workplace, or else in a mobile method (eg. delivery at a regional/remote location for a distinct period or for an exclusive training course). Also known as ‘workplace’, ‘mobile’, ‘on-client-site’ delivery.


Flexible learning


comprehend online courses and courses by correspondence. Also known as ‘external studies’.


  • Online (training receivables online or via email submission)
  • Distance (training available via consistence)
  • Information is stored by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the precision or reliability of the information.






Students have admission to clean, comfortable and spacious facilities including hibernal, bright classrooms featuring the latest fittings and furnishings. These include learning instrument such as white-boards, TVs, DVD players, computers and data projectors. Our English-only policy means that students enjoy using English while at school, even with friends from the same country!




Ozford offers a library with a closure range of materials to meet our students’ needs. We provide a spectrum of newspapers and a diversify of magazines, books and dictionaries. There are also computers and a quiet area for students to observance research and complete assignments. Recreational reading material, journals, laptops, DVDs and board games are achievable for loan.




Free Wi-Fi access is acquirable for students in all common areas. Students can check their emails, find knowledge and stay in touch with the world! There are also notice-boards, and jobs boards around the generic areas with important information and declaration for students. Each floor has photocopiers that students and staff can admission via their individual access cards and printers and computers are snugly located on each level. The basement is a large, easily accessible space for students to enjoy relaxing for lunch or breaks. It boasts abundance of microwaves, fridge, kitchen facilities with hot and cold water, vending machines, tables and chairs to enjoy incidental catch ups with Ozford friends.





Students Services Officers are stationed at Reception on Level 2. They are dodder and friendly, knowledgeable and proficient in student matters and are here to help out with any query or concern a student may have. Students are stimulate to come and ask for help at our student services desk – or just drop by and say ‘hello’!




We have computer labs on every level as good as computers available in the library and student common superficies for students to use in their free time. These computers have the latest industry software established and offer high speed internet connections. All students are given a computer account, email address and a considerable amount of internet access. Data projectors are located in all computer labs and all classrooms are fitted with network data connections.


Information is prepared by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the exactitude or reliability of the information.



At Ozford our accentuation is on providing our students with the maximal possible support.


Our extensive student support services include:


  • An guideline program
  • University and profession advice
  • 24 Hour emergency help line
  • Arcadian care from Home group teachers, providing support and guidance for overall student well being
  • Student consultation
  • Regular university knowledge seminars conducted at Ozford
  • Accommodation partition


Airport pick up

Ozford offers Exuberant than just high attribute academic courses. There is a range of extensive support services to students to enable and provide them with every occasion to adjust to study and enjoy life in Australia, to instate their learning goals and spruce them for future opportunities and growth. Whatever the students’ needs are, our personnel are here to help.


A scintilla of some services and endorsement we provide to students:


Student Information Desk


This is the one-stop-centre for students to adjuration information and seek patronage in general (non-academic) and administration matters.


Student Services Staff stationed at the Student Information Desk is restricted to provide efficient services to all students in a student-friendly atmosphere. The focus is on students’ needs. Students are welcomed to drop by or call to ask questions or make an online examination at any time of the day.

Orientation & Transition Support


All new students go through an guideline Program during their first week of every term at Ozford. The Orientation program complicate familiarization with living and studying in Melbourne and Ozford and an occasion for social interaction amongst the new and present students.


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