This is how Australia plans to attract more migrants to its regional areas

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The Australia Govt. has announced two new visa agreements which will allow employers to sponsor foreign workers. These workers will be allowed with lower English and salary levels. This move may help the Govt. redistribute the incoming immigrant population away from the major cities. Australia plans to attract migrants to its regional areas through these new visa agreements.

This scheme will be known as the Designated Areas Migration Agreements (DAMAs). It has currently been announced for 2 regions in Australia:

Northern Territory
Warrnambool region in Victoria
David Coleman, Immigration Minister, announced that these agreements would provide a route to PR for migrants willing to live in the regional areas.

These agreements will allow employers in Victoria and Northern Territory to bring in workers on the Subclass 482 Visa. Further, down the line, these workers would also be allowed to file for PR.

These agreements would allow employers to sponsor candidates under occupations which are not available under other visa categories. The sponsored employees would also qualify with lesser English proficiency and salary levels.

The Great South Coast Region in Victoria is the first in Australia to sign the agreement. Northern Territory will soon follow suit.

In fact, Northern Territory already had a DAMA in place; however, it did not offer a path to PR.

Nigel Scullion, CLP Senator of NT, said that the DAMA will help businesses in NT who are struggling with a labour shortage.

The agreement will assist businesses in the agriculture and hospitality sectors on the Great South Coast Region in Victoria. Northern Territory will feature 117 occupations which may be filled through the agreement.

Tony Herbert, City Council Mayor of Warrnambool, said that the proposition of an Australian PR will make it an attractive option for immigrants.

Coleman said that the Govt. is trying to improve the migration system to meet the specific needs of Australia’s regional areas, as per SBS.

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