Australia gives hope to India on visa policy

Australian Visa
Australian Visa

Australia on Tuesday canceled the Visa Program-457, which allows companies to hold foreign workers in skilled jobs for a maximum of four years. Most of the foreign workers who use it are described as Indians. Now there will be two types of entry for the period in the new visa regime. The first two years and the second like 457 for four years.Australia’s High Commissioner to India Harinder Sidhu has emphasized that the entry of skilled workers is critical to Australia’s economic growth and prosperity. The current success requires new standards so that Australians and temporary skilled workers can achieve the same good results.

He said that India provides the largest number of temporary skilled workers in Australia than any country. 8 of the top 10 occupations for 457 visa holders (as of December 2016) of Indians were IT professionals. IT professionals are included in the occupation list for four-year visas, so visa options for skilled Indian citizens will continue.

The Indian government has said that we are looking into the impact of Australia’s new visa policy with all concerned. We are talking about this on the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

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