Australia is encouraging overseas students to study in Regional Universities


A plan to encourage overseas students to move to regional centres is being considered by the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The move could help ease congestion in the Sydney and Melbourne areas.

Scott Morrison says that places like Adelaide and the north require more population whereas Sydney and Melbourne do not, as per SBS News. Plans have to be undertaken to move the population where it is the most wanted.

786,000 international students enrolled in Australia in 2017. However, less than 4% of that number moved to the regional areas, as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Hence a move to make the regional areas more enticing to overseas students is being welcomed by the Regional Universities.

Annabelle Duncan, Vice-Chancellor of the University of New England, says that overseas students get to interact more with the community in the regional areas. This is where they get the true Australian experience. Students also practice the English language more as that is the common language between the local and the overseas students.

However, the body which represents international students feels that the regional areas may not have the facilities necessary to entice international students.

Bijay Sapkota, the President of the Council of International Students Australia, feels that the regional institutes may not have the courses that the city Universities offer. He also feels that there would be lesser opportunities for work integrated learning as all the big corporations are all set up in the cities and not the regional areas.

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