Visa fee refund to lure international workers and students in Australia Due to Covid 19

Australian Government announces lots of changes in Immigration. Lots of Packages were announced to attract the Students and Migrant workers to be welcomed in Australia. Bansal Immigration provides you with the latest and updated information about immigration services in Australia.

Created Date - 2022-01-22 02:27:00
Visa fee refund to lure international workers and students in Australia Due to Covid 19

Let’s continue,  Australian Govt announced for visa fee refund to lure international workers and students as Australian Prime Minister Morrison defends handling of the pandemic & tells backpackers and students to ‘come on down’ as critical workforce shortages bite due do Covid-19 pandemic.

The government has also announced a $55m package that refunds the cost of visa application fees for near 175,000 backpackers and Migrant Students from different countries. The prime minister was forced to fend off criticism of one of his backbench MPs, George Christensen, who has been calling for parents to opt out of the government’s child vaccination program.

Mr. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that their government announced incentives for Migrant workers for Australia. He also defends his government for the work they did under pandemics in the face of the Omicron surge.

The Australian Govt take this decision due to the lack of workforce in agriculture and hospitality. Refund of the fee around $600 which will be a rebate for the international students who will come to Australia in the next eight weeks & for backpackers get this benefit on working holiday-maker visas those will come to Australia within 12 weeks.

This is included in the fee rebate scheme budget under $55 million. Hope this move enough attracts150,000 students and 23,500 backpackers who currently hold a visa but are not in Australia yet.

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This step is a big thank you for the students and others who chose Australia and they all come back and continue living in Australia for a better future. It may help Australia to fill the workforce to cover the shortage in Australia need.

Those who are working and being trained in healthcare, aged care, those types of sectors, that will be incredibly helpful." Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

Also, he encouraged backpackers to come and both work and holiday in Australia to help the country's facing downward in the tourism industry. come on down," he said. "Come on down now because you wanted to come to Australia, you got your visa, we want you to come to Australia and enjoy a holiday here in Australia.


Main Issues Australia Facing Now after Covid-19 pandemic are :

  • Workforce Issue: Thousands of employees, including many who work in tough supply chains, are being forced to isolate themselves.
  • Industries were warning due to Omicron outbreaks: Due to Border closure lots of issues related to Migrants or Temporary visa holders that they how to fill their work gaps.
  • Businesses warned to increase the wages to attract employees in Australia.
  • Relaxation to Call for border rules

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