20% rise in Australia Student Visa applications in 2018



Australia Student Visa applications have enhanced by 20% in 2018 as per the latest available data for visa applications. This is an confirmation of enhancing interest of peregrine falcon students in higher education institutions in Australia.


Strong growth in percent has been specifically recorded by the Chinese market founded on the visa applications filed in April. Australia Student Visa applications from Chinese nationals have increased by 22%. This is inclusive of 14% increase in university study applications, as quoted by the Study International. Interest from applicants in China increased more than twice for professional education.


The overall 20% increase, when compared with last year, ends the counterpart for last 2 months. In this period the number of requests for Australia Student Visas outstay unchanged in comparison with the forehand years.


The latest statistics for visa applications exhibit that notwithstanding diverse incidents, the percent of Chinese in Australian universities is not fading. Record visa sanction rate of approximate 97% has been witnessed for Chinese applicants.


The major magnetize for Chinese students is the comparative ease of commingle an Australian job upon graduation and then the PR. It has been noted that the percentage of Chinese students’ enrolment is much surpassing than subjects that are not high scoring. Statistics demonstration that there was a 17% increase in the figures of Chinese students in Australia in the previous year.


There are diverse argument for overseas students getting attracted to Australia. These include education quality, relatively lesser competition as for top universities in China and ease of introduce the Australian job market.


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